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As you approach retirement how do you imagine you will spend your time and will your pension provide you with the income to do it?

Your pension company, who currently looks after your pension may contact you soon with their annuity quotation based on their own rates. An annuity converts your pension pot into a guaranteed income for the rest of your life. It may make sense to keep it all under the same umbrella, but you are under no obligation to do so.

There is an open market for pension annuities and there is quite probably one out there that can give you a better annual income. A specialist provider may even be able to provide enhanced payments according to your health and lifestyle.

It’s time to start making plans, but like all financial affairs, it’s complicated. So, why not leave it to the experts and let us find the best income provider for you.

In Partnership Financial Design are based in Eastleigh and we provide fully independent financial advice. As well as being fully regulated by the FSA we are part of the highly successful Rothmans Accountancy group.

It will not cost you anything to find out if we can obtain a higher pension income for you.

We can advise you how much any additional income will be, our fee for advising on and arranging the policy and the amount we will be paid directly by the insurance company which we will offset against our fee. You will then know exactly how much it will cost you to obtain the additional income. Often the payment from the insurance company will fully cover our fee.

You are under no obligation to proceed, it's entirely your decision.

Let us upgrade your retirement income

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