Examining Possibilities


  • Have I got the right pension policy?

    We can't answer this in isolation. Other factors, such as:

    • When you want to retire
    • Your level of expenditure in retirement
    • Possible capital releases from a business or property sale

    Are equally as important in assessing your retirement provision.

    Retirement planning is not just about pensions, it involves harnessing all of your financial resources to provide the lifestyle you desire.

    We will discuss your views on how you want to spend your retirement and when it might start, as well as helping you work out the likely level of your expenditure. Other factors, such as the value of a business and the potential proceeds from downsizing your house will also be considered.

    The options will be presented to you as a lifetime cash flow, which can contrast the outcome of a number of different scenarios. We can show you how we might improve your income, through the use of tax efficient investments, whether an increased level of expenditure can realistically be provided for and how any major capital expenditure will be financed.

    Significant peace of mind can be achieved by seeing that your finances will last for your lifetime. Oh, and if your pension policy needs changing, we can arrange that too.

  • Am I paying more tax than I need to?

    We can review your finances to ensure your:

    • Income is produced tax efficiently
    • Capital gains tax exemption is utilised, if appropriate
    • Wills are structured to minimise inheritance tax

    Making your objectives more easily achieved.

    The saying goes there are only two certainties in life, death and taxes; that’s why we plan for both.

    Taxes are a fact of life and they can be a critical constraint on you achieving your objectives, which is why we spend so much time ensuring your tax position is always optimised. We understand the details of income, capital gains and inheritance tax and can assess whether a trust or will is tax efficient, which means that we can offer you tax efficiency as an integral part of our planning process, thus minimising any tax you pay.

    We will explore alternative product structures on your behalf, always ensuring the amount saved more than compensates for any costs incurred or risks undertaken. In addition, if a situation is particularly complicated, we can work with your other advisers, or introduce you to suitable experts, who we can work alongside.

    Optimising your tax position ensures your income and capital can be much more efficiently harnessed to meet the objectives of your financial plan.


  • How can I incentivise my employees?

    We can advise on the benefits of:

    • Optimizing income extraction
    • Employee pensions and life insurance
    • Employee share incentive schemes

    To help you retain key staff within your business.

    Striving for financial independence is as significant a motivator for your employees as yourself and the provision of tailored employee benefits is an excellent way of harnessing these motivations to the success of your business.

    We can advise you on optimizing income extraction from your business for both yourself and your staff. We can also recommend and provide group personal pension schemes, group death benefit and medical insurance schemes. For key staff, we can advise you on the benefits of setting up an employee share incentive scheme that will reward their efforts through a direct share in the future growth of the business.

    All of these can be structured in a way that mitigates tax for all parties and we will assess all relevant schemes available in the marketplace to ensure you receive the benefits you require at a price you can afford.

    Retention of key staff is a major issue for all businesses and research tells us that employees place increasing value on good benefit packages.

  • What happens to my business if I can’t work?

    We can help you consider:

    • Who will run the business in your absence;
    • The potential reduction in profits without you
    • The amount of cash needed

    To ensure the continued well being of both your family and your business.

    As a businessman you’ll know the stresses that not being able to work for a few days due to illness can create. If you’re off work for any length of time this could have serious consequences for both your family and your employees. The standard answer is insurance and where a quantifiable risk is identified there is invariably an effective insurance solution to mitigate it.

    But how much will you need and is there anyone who can run the business in your absence to make certain there's something to return to when you recover? We will talk things through with you to ensure that you have a realistic ‘disaster plan’ for the business. We can then show you, in the context of your personal financial position, the sum of money your family and the business will need to guarantee their continued well being.

    Once the specific risks are identified and quantified we can advise on the most appropriate structures to protect your interests from whatever the future has in store.