Financial Independence


  • Is Income drawdown right for me?

    We need to show you:

    • How much of your income will be coming from the drawdown pot
    • The risks of each method of providing retirement income
    • The equivalent return required to match a conventional annuity

    So we can help you make an informed decision about what’s right for you.

    There are now so many different ways of providing an income in retirement that the choice can be quite daunting. Whether income drawdown is suitable for you is a very complex question. If you are asking it, we first need to establish whether you have any existing health issues, as these would have a bearing on the decision.

    Almost as important is our need to understand your level of tolerance to investment risk. We can explain the risks of the various different forms of retirement income, together with the return you would need to achieve to equal a conventional annuity. Having reviewed your existing assets, we can also show you how much of your overall income will be coming from drawdown, all of which helps us both work out whether drawdown would be right for you.

    If it is we can arrange this for you and more importantly ensure the plan is reviewed regularly so that it continues to meet your requirements. If its not we can guide you through the other options until we find a solution that fits.

  • Can I afford to give money to my children now?

    We can produce a plan incorporating:

    • Your existing assets, income and expenditure
    • Tax efficient changes to your current situation
    • The effect of accelerating gifts to your children

    To help you decide if you can afford to make gifts now without affecting your financial future.

    You already have an inheritance plan in place in your will but your children really need help now. You may want to assist them getting established on the property ladder, perhaps their expanding family requires a bigger house or they would appreciate some help with those increasingly expensive school fees.

    You want to help but hold back because you don’t know if you can afford to without affecting your lifestyle. We always tell clients to consider their own needs first, but once we have understood your existing assets, income and expenditure we can prepare a plan that allows you to see into your financial future. Initially we might suggest some tax efficient changes. We can then vary this by including gifts at different amounts and times, to help you understand what these changes could mean for you.

    You can then make an informed decision having clearly been able to see the impact of accelerating the gifts and if you want to proceed we can advise on the most tax efficient way of doing so.

  • Am I making the most of tax efficient investment?

    We will look to see if you could:

    • Make use of tax deferred withdrawals from Bonds
    • Produce capital gains
    • Use any available allowances and reliefs

    To improve the overall returns you achieve from your finances.

    If you work with us, yes you will be! But we also take into consideration any additional cost that might be involved to ensure that the overall saving is worthwhile.

    By tax efficiency we don't just mean ISAs and pensions. We always look at the bigger picture to ensure you make use of all the tax exemptions and reliefs available to you. Should you require an income from your investments we will arrange this in a way that minimises the tax you pay. A Bond might be suitable, because of the 5% withdrawal that can be made on a tax deferred basis. Alternatively we might produce capital gains, which make use of your annual exemptions or are taxed at a lower rate. Perhaps a discounted gift trust can be used to reduce inheritance tax.

    All of our financial designs incorporate tax efficiency as one of their corner stones and if appropriate we can work with your existing tax advisor to ensure a coordinated approach.


  • How can I give something back?

    With experience in:

    • Tax efficient giving
    • Setting up charities
    • Acting as Trustees

    We can help you achieve your charitable objectives.

    The business is sold,the money has been invested; you have more than enough to live on. Over the last few years you have spent more time with your family and travelled as you always wanted to, but lately you have begun to think maybe something is missing. It’s not the day to day grind, but you do miss the feeling of doing something positive and being involved.

    This is not that uncommon and we have had a number of clients in this fortunate position. If this sounds familiar you may wish to consider setting up a private charity. This could be established to benefit an educational or medical area or perhaps to provide training within a field you already have experience of. We can show you how this will affect your financial plan and also how to maximise the tax efficiency of your charitable gifts.

    We have assisted a number of clients in achieving their charitable objectives and act as Trustees in many cases so we can give the benefit of our experience in this area as well.