Starting Out


  • Should I pay down my mortgage?

    Once we both understand:

    • Your views on investment risk
    • Any other specific opportunities you have
    • Your future plans
    • Your existing finances

    We can explain to you the alternatives and help you make an informed decision.

    You've read that repaying your mortgage early can save you thousands of pounds over your lifetime. That's undoubtedly true, but is this a decision that can be taken in isolation?

    With financial decisions there are always choices and it is our job to ensure you make the right ones. We'll help you explore the alternatives, evaluate your risk profile, identify other investment opportunities and examine your tax position. We can show you the effect of an offset mortgage and different rates of investment return.

    All financial decisions should be benchmarked against your financial plan to assess their impact on your overall financial objectives. After all the interest saved from repaying your mortgage could be used to improve your lifestyle now, fund an alternative investment or, perhaps, change your intended retirement date.

    The choice is yours, but we will ensure you make an informed choice and are fully aware of both the consequences and benefits that can be gained.

  • How will I fund my children's education?

    Potential sources include:

    • Existing capital
    • Future incomea
    • Borrowing
    • Other family members

    We can show you how these can fit together to produce the optimum position for your family and how it affects your other plans.

    School fees are a major financial commitment. The average cost of three years at university is now over £30,000 and private school fees cost at least twice as much. You may already have some of the capital available, or believe you can pay the costs out of income. Perhaps you may need to borrow during periods of constrained finance. Grandparents may be offering to help and we can explain how this can be done tax efficiently.

    We can show you how to mix together the various options to produce the best plan for your family, suggest optimum uses of capital and identify periods where alternative sources of capital will be required. We can also help you understand what impact these commitments will have on your lifestyle.

    Once we have agreed a solution we can then implement it and with regular reviews you will not need to worry about this element of your finances in future.

  • Am I saving enough for my retirement?

    The answer is specific to you and includes:

    • Your lifestyle objectives
    • Your future income and expenditure levels
    • The retirement age you have in mind

    Which we will incorporate into the design of your financial plan, to reassure you that you can achieve your objectives.

    You often see a suggestion such as ‘at 30 you should be saving 15% of your income towards retirement’. We strongly believe that such a generalisation is nonsense with the answer being specific to each individual. For example, you might be running a business, which could be worth significantly more than any pension fund, if the 15% was reinvested into it.

    We will talk to you about your current and future lifestyle objectives. We will look at your existing financial obligations and evaluate your likely future income and expenditure. We will then calculate the amount of capital you require to finance your retirement. and show you different ways you might accumulate the capital tax efficiently, to illustrate what can realistically be achieved.

    At the end of the process we will have designed your plan which will have an agreed timeline. You will now understand what is required to meet your objectives and your plan will be reviewed regularly so you remain assured that you stay in control of your financial affairs.


  • How will I live if I set up my own business?

    If you want to start up a new business, we can illustrate:

    • The minimum profit it needs to generate
    • How best to withdraw money tax efficiently
    • How your existing assets might be used for its benefit

    To allow you to concentrate on developing the business, without personal financial concerns.

    Having evaluated the potential competition, explored your capabilities, created an outline business plan and calculated the finance required, your business idea looks promising, but can you afford it?

    We can show you how you might be able to use your existing assets, such as a pension scheme, for the benefit of the business, perhaps by acquiring business premises and, therefore, reducing the overall outlay. We will discuss your minimum personal requirements in the early years of the business. Taking your current financial situation we can show you what the business needs to generate to enable you to meet all of your financial commitments. We can also incorporate how best to withdraw money from the business tax efficiently. You can then assess whether this is achievable.

    We can't make the business successful but we can help you set targets, which give you the peace of mind that your personal finances remain on track, leaving you free to concentrate all of your energy into the business.