What If

Sometimes life events catch up with you, forcing you to rethink your priorities, setting new challenges, sometimes leading you to start all over again.

Events such as:

  • Bereavement

    Personal bereavement is probably one of the most difficult events anyone can face. It can be especially difficult if the deceased was the main provider and decision maker, with the need to take on these roles.

    Initially the bereaved often feels very vulnerable. With the subject of ill-health so close to hand they are probably extremely concerned about what alternatives there are to protect their family's future. Managing the family assets can be a difficult challenge. Risk profiles need to be examined, time horizons and lifestyle objectives adjusted to take into account the unfortunate change in circumstances.

    Future income and capital needs must be identified and investment strategies aligned to meet them. Wills and inheritance plans need to be reviewed to ensure sufficient capital is available to meet the needs of dependents and the remainder of the estate is dispersed tax efficiently.

  • Disability

    Disability can affect you in a number of ways. It can come about unexpectedly through an accident or over a period of time through chronic illness. It may affect you as the main income earner with devastating consequences for your financial future or your partner / dependent with all the attendant financial, time and emotional costs.

    Disability is difficult to prepare for but you can take steps to protect yourself against the financial consequences. Insurance can be used to mitigate income loss or the costs of ongoing care. We can calculate the level of capital required to replace income loss and identify the best potential insurance solution. There are insurance policies that cover the costs of long term care and we can investigate these on your behalf.

    Perhaps you are concerned about the incapacity of a key employee or business partner. Again this eventuality can be insured against and we can advise you on the most appropriate solution from the whole of the market.

  • Divorce, where you might be the Divorcee

    The Divorcee

    You may be feeling angry, wronged, lonely or vulnerable. You need to start again, protecting your financial interests, especially where there are dependents involved. Often you require a combination of reassurance and straight talking to fully understand your financial situation and the alternatives available to you, provided by someone you can trust, leaving you to focus on starting out on your new life.

    , the Initiator

    The Initiator

    You are planning to divorce your spouse and need to understand the financial implications. Whilst the divorce may not be amicable you are keen to ensure your dependents are provided for and that your spouse is adequately supported. You have to take some tough decisions and need advice about the alternatives and implications of restructuring your financial affairs.

    or trying to resolve things amicably

    The Amicable Settlement

    Both parties have come to the conclusion that the marriage is not working and have agreed on an amicable settlement. You have significant personal assets and, perhaps a profitable business that you want to continue. You need to explore all scenarios to secure your future lifestyles and understand the options and the resulting implications on your future financial security.

can have a major impact on your emotional and financial wellbeing. We recognise that at times like these, to deliver our role effectively we must respond to your emotional as well as your financial needs.